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Welcome to Walnut Creek doodles where the most beautiful doodles and poodles are born. We are a small hobby breeder in beautiful Northern Utah. We specialize in the best breeds around in MINI Poodles, Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles which we believe are the best family dogs around... Loving, intelligent, and easy to train! Our puppies are raised in our home, around children, and are snuggled and loved from the moment they arrive. We love each and every doodle and put a great deal of time, love, and energy into creating the perfect addition to your family!

All of our moms and dads have had full genetic testing to ensure we are breeding nothing but the best quality puppies. They are all fed high quality dog food, regularly exercised, well groomed and trained.

Poodles- Intelligent, hypoallergenic, loyal, active, and eager to please. Training poodles is always a rewarding experience since they quickly pick tricks up and are eager to preform.

Goldendoodles- the best of both worlds! Intelligent, hypoallergenic, loyal, active, and eager to please like the poodle. Affectionate, gentle, friendly, outgoing, water loving, and family oriented like a golden retriever. You get the perfect mix of two of the best breeds around.

Bernedoodles- another best of both worlds! The Bernese Mountain dog is stunning, affectionate, loyal, calm, and the perfect family dog. Intelligent, hypoallergenic, loyal, active, and eager to please like the poodle, this makes for a perfect combination.

Find us on all of our social media platforms for consistent updates: https://linktr.ee/walnut_creek_doodles