Hello! My name is Linsey Lund. I am a wife, and busy mom of 7 kids. I have a huge love of animals - especially dogs! When I decided I wanted to get into the breeding business, I knew there was a lot of research to be done and so much to learn. During my research, I learned that there is so much more to breeding than just feeding and caring for puppies! The first 8 weeks are such a crucial period of time where puppy's lives can be so influenced by what we choose to teach them. By doing just the right thing at the right time - we can give a puppy the best start possible! 

Here at Walnut Creek Doodles, we put countless hours into properly socializing, and training each and every puppy. We do Early Neurological Stimulation, intentional handling and touch, sound/scent stimulation, and problem solving challenges. We introduce them to crate training, potty training, car rides and so much more.  When our puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old - you will be amazed at how well they adjust to their new environment! Keep working with them on basic commands - sit, stay, come... and introduce them to things that you love to do! Proper socialization is essential to a happy, healthy puppy!

We are very committed to breeding top quality puppies. We ensure that all of our parents are tested for genetic problems so that we know that we are breeding the best, healthy puppies. All of our puppies will come to you with a two year health guarantee against any genetic defects. We also do Pennhip/OFA testing on our parent dogs. This is where X-rays are done and a vet specialist checks hips, elbows and hearts to ensure our puppies are inheriting excellent structures from their parents as well. This testing can be very expensive and many breeders do not do it.

Most importantly - our puppies are raised in our home, snuggled daily by our children and are loved from the minute they are born. 

I believe there is no better way to to complete your family than bringing a sweet dog into your home. They heal our hearts, teach kids responsibility, love unconditionally, provide great companionship, and bring so much joy into our lives.  If you feel like you are ready for a sweet addition to your family- please fill out a puppy application and lets embark on this journey together!


 If you have any additional questions please contact me or see our FAQ page!!