Where are you located? Do you deliver puppies out of state?

We are located in Utah approximately 90 miles north of Salt Lake City. Yes! We can deliver puppies out of state with a flight nanny. A flight nanny will fly in a cabin with your puppy and bring them to your local airport. Cost for this service runs between $600-800 depending on your location and which service we use. If you would rather fly here to get your puppy, you can come and pick him up at my home or I am also happy to meet you at the SLC International Airport.

How do you determine the size of your puppies full grown? 

We determine the size of our puppies by taking the average weight between the mom and the dad and giving you a 5-6 lb weight range. Although there is no guarantee they will fall in this range, this is a good rule of thumb in determining size of puppies! For example if we have a 15 lb dad and a 40 lb mom, the average size between those parents is 25 lbs. We then would give the range of 22-28 lbs for that litter size. We do our very best to give you an accurate size for your puppy, however on occassion, sometimes a puppy may be slightly larger or smaller than the estimated size given for the litter. When advertising a litter you will see the terms "mini", and "moyen" next to our doodles. This will give you an idea of the size of these puppies full grown. Mini size puppies are more in the 22-30 lb range where moyens (30-40 lbs) are the larger size Minature Doodles that we offer. Again we can not guarantee the size of any puppy. We do our absolute best though to give you an accurate guess.

Why are Minidoodles more expensize than Standard size?

This is a great question! A lot more time and energy goes into breeding these mini size dogs as it is usually done artificially in the vets office or within a breeders home which adds additional costs. We also spend hundreds of dollars performing genetic health testing before we ever breed them so that they are sure to produce healthy puppies. There is also a high demand for these types of puppies and their litter sizes tend to be smaller.

What is the difference between an F1 and an F1b Minidoodle?

An F1 goldendoodle is a mix between a retriever and a poodle so there is a 50/50 mix between the two breeds. F1's are excellent breeds because they inheret the intelligent, athletic, non shedding qualities of the poodle, and the family friendly, playful, wonderful temperament qualities from the retriever side. All in a miniature package! F1's are typically low shedding (sometimes non shedding) pets and are hypoallergenic in nature. 

An F1b Minidoodle is a cross between a poodle and an F1 doodle. So the mix is 75% poodle and 25% retriever. These breeds tend to be even smaller especially if bred with a Minidoodle and toy poodle. Because there is more poodle in them they are very hypoallergenic in nature and often nonshedding which makes them an excellent choice for families who suffer with allergies. In our experiece both types of minidoodles have excellent temperaments and are amazing family dogs. They are eager to please their owners, easy to train, playful and affectionate when given proper socialization.

Which gender is better for a family?

I get this question a lot and honestly it comes down to personal preference for gender because both are excellent loving family dogs when it comes to goldendoodles and bernedoodles! By nature they are gentle and affectionate dogs with easy going temperaments which make them a great choice for families. They love to be included in whatever is going on and are so incredibly smart which makes training them so much easier than many other breeds! SO my answer to anyone who asks me is usually...you just can't go wrong!! 

Do you have any puppy training programs that you recommend to help us prepare for our new puppy? 

Yes!! We recently partnered with a fabulous online puppy training program called Baxter & Bella. I love this program so much! They have amazing videos and podcasts and even offer one on one support for any help you need training your new puppy! Please click on https://www.baxterandbella.com/learn-more to learn more. If interested in the lifetime member program enter discount code RMD25 to get 25% off! Please let me know if you have any questions about this amazing AND affordable program. I am not a fan of pushing products on people- but this is one I am comfortable recommending to future puppy owners. A well trained dog makes all the difference.


What happens if I can't pick up my puppy on pick up day?

I try to do my very best to work with people and their different schedules when it comes to picking up your new puppy. After puppies are born I will send out the designated pick up day so that people can begin planning accordingly. If you can not pick up your puppy on that day I will give you a 3 day grace period, after which if you still are unable to pick them up there will be a $30/day boarding charge. 


What can I expect on puppy selection day?

Puppy selection is done between 6-7 weeks old. I believe this is a great time - families can begin to plan and prepare for their new addition, puppy personalities are out in full, and coat characteristics begin to show (wavy vs curly). However puppies are still very young and not immune to diseases such as parvo, giardia, coccidia, etc. Because of this we ask that only direct family member come to our home for this. We will ask you to remove your shoes and wash your hands thoroughly. Young children will be asked to sit when handling puppies to ensure their safety. Families who live out of state we can do selection over Facetime. Once selection is made the balance for your puppy is due. We do this to ensure you are "fully in" and we know that this puppy has it's forever home. It is difficult to have a puppy selected and planning to go to his/her new home only to have the owner back out on "pick up" day. We like to have all of the items of business taken care of prior to pick up day so you can truly enjoy your day!


Do you offer any guarantees other than the 2 year genetic health guarantee?

There are a lot of variations when it comes to breeding dogs! We are confident in our program. With that said it is impossible to guarantee exact sizes, coats or temperaments of puppies. We do our very best to guide you towards the puppy of your preference! I do guarantee you that I will always take a puppy back for any reason. No questions asked.. and I am always here to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability  :)


Do you recommend a specific food for our puppies?

I have spent hours researching nutrition and dogs! I have not zeroed in on a specific product to fully endorse yet - but highly recommend you find a food that offers 30% crude protein and 20% crude fat (as close to those numbers as you can) for a growing puppy! I will update this more later as things often change, but for now my puppies are introduced to Victor Pro Plus - chicken and rice formula. It is an All Stages dog food which I really like. This offers 32% crude protein and 22% crude fat and has a great ingredient list.

Tell me about your guardian program!

I love breeding dogs! Yet I love my dogs even more. They are our pets and their well being and happiness is always our top priority, Obviously dogs have a limit on the number of litters that it is safe for them to have - so as a breeder this presents a problem. How do you continue a breeding business without owning several dogs? This is where our guardian program comes in! Guardian homes are families who take home one of our puppies- usually the pick of the litter and do so at a fraction of the cost. In return you agree to be a part of our amazing breeding program! You get to have the pet of your dreams, and care for them in your home as any other pet owner would and I get to continue doing what I love - breeding adorable puppies!! You will be required to place a deposit to show me you are committed to caring for the puppy, and you take care of all of the day to day traditional costs of owning a dog. I take care of all costs associated with health testing and breeding that dog. Once the dog is of age, they will come back to my home for 4 litters where they will stay with me for about 8 weeks while caring for their new puppies. Guardian families will get their initial deposit back on the first litter, and an additional small payment for each litter thereafter. Once the breeding contract is over I will pay to spay/neuter your pet and full ownership will be signed over to you. I love my guardian families! I love the partnership as well as the friendships that are developed through this program. It is important to me that your dog knows me and is comfortable coming to my home - so we arrange for playdates a few times a year to keep that relationship strong. If you live within an hour of the Cache Valley area, have a fenced yard and are interested in this program, please indicate on the puppy application that you'd like to be a guardian to one of our puppies! I will then send over the guardianship contract for you to review with all of the details. If you are comfortable with the contract we will place you on the list as soon as there is an opening on one of our litters! I also buy dogs on occassion to add to our program so even if you do not see an upcoming litter and are interested in this program - send in an application.